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Create success with Value-Oriented Management


Training & Consultancy

VBM Partners has put together a Value-Oriented Management (VOM) method based on best practices in the areas of Strategic Dialogue, Portfolio Management, Business Case Development and Performance Management (see Vision for more information). This is the core of our three day VOM-training, which covers also economic value theory and psychological aspects of innovation, change, decision making and leadership.


Consultancy focuses on the one hand on the design and quality of your VOM-process by means of audits and advice and on the other hand on hand-on support in preparing and evaluating important decisions using business cases. In this case the VBM Partners best practice model is being used as a frame of reference.

You can find more information on our training services and consultancy services and our references on the underlying pages.

Your return on investment?

Investing in Value-Oriented Management will result in a most favourable return. Making detailed business cases using Benefits Maps, periodically evaluating projects and programmes in the portfolio and managing the benefits will deliver the following benefits:

Ø             More value: solutions will generate more value as performance will be higher and costs will be lower as a result of running interactive, multidisciplinary workshops

Ø             Less waste: projects and programmes delivering insufficient value will not have a go or they will, as soon as the expected benefits fall below the requirements, be stopped in time

Ø             In control: better insight in the performance of your organisation, less projects and programmes will exceed budgets and time schedules as a result of better managing dependencies and scarce resources and early pointing out and solving of bottlenecks

Ø             Higher benefits: by managing benefits proactively the realised benefits will be more in line with expectations or even exceed them!

It is not easy to estimate the size of the benefits of Value-Oriented Management. Practice shows that only paying more attention to value creation during the design process using Value Engineering techniques will easily deliver tenfold the amount of time and money invested. To put it briefly, a return on investment to dream of and an important contribution to your bottom line! 

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