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Create success with Value-Oriented Management
VBM Training


Target audiences


VBM Partners offers trainings tailored to the needs of several target audiences:


Ø             A standard three day VOM training, suitable for business analysts, information managers, project managers and programme managers

Ø             A tailor-made VOM training of one or several days for managers and management trainees, strategy planners, HR change consultants and controllers

Ø             An introduction into Value-Oriented Management concepts of half a day for (top)managers


Ø             A two day Business Case Training, focused on developing a well founded and validated business case


Ø             A one day Integral Performance Management training for managers, controllers and programme office members who deal a lot with Planning & Control issues in their daily work

All training materials are in English. Trainings can be organised at your office location or at an external location.


Learning goals


Several learning goals can be combined in our trainings:


Ø             Giving insight in management concepts and theories, like motivation, learning, leadership, decision making and change, and let participants reflect on how these concepts apply within their own working environment

Ø             Giving participants insight in personal preferences and personal styles related to change, team work and learning

Ø             Understanding of value concepts and valuation methods and the information needed to apply them in practice

Ø             Development of practical skills in identifying benefits and costs, developing a business case and the information needed to manage the realisation of benefits

Training is the starting point of a learning process that needs to be supplemented with practical experience to reach an optimal result for the participants and their organisation. VBM Partners can coach participants after the training in making (some first) business cases.




VBM Partners has developed several modules and exercises related to the learning goals mentioned above. The figure below shows the agenda of our standard three day training. The optional modules for day 3 will be offered depending on the time available and the preferences of the participants. If desired a come back meeting can be organised in which these modules can be (partly) addressed.


VBM Training
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