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Create success with Value-Oriented Management
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Areas of Expertise

The consultancy services of VBM Partners are focused on three areas of expertise:

Ø             Giving hands-on support in preparing and evaluating important decisions using business cases

Ø             Evaluating your Value-Oriented Innovation process using an audit questionnaire, giving you insight in the quality of your process and the opportunities to improve it

Ø             Giving implementation support on processes, methods and systems in the area of Value-Oriented Innovation (VOI) and Integral Performance Management (IPM)

How you can best design your own Value-Oriented Management (VOM) process is dependent on the size of your organisation and the sector you are operating in. The consultancy services of VBM Partners are focused on helping you to make the right choices, or give you insight in aspects which can be improved. VBM Partners disposes of a best practise method to design the complete VBM process. This method is covered completely in our three day training.

VOI Consultancy Services

VBM Partners can help you in the area of Value-Oriented Innovation as follows:

Ø             Business case Development: supporting the business case owner in making a business case using the VBM Partners method

Ø             Benefits Map Workshop: this will guide you through a first step in the development of a business case by mapping benefits of a business idea or opportunity visually in a workshop with the main stakeholders. VBM Partners prepares the workshop together with you and facilitates the meeting

Ø             VOI-process Audit: your processes and methods will be compared with best practices to assess the maturity of your VOI process and give you insight in opportunities to improve it

Ø            Business Case Audit: if you like to have a second opinion on the validity of your business case before taking an important decision, VBM Partners can comment on the process and structure which has been used to make the business case

Ø             Portfolio Management Implementation: designing of governance, methods, processes and systems which will enable you to make coherent decisions on your projects and programmes

IPM Consultancy Services

VBM Partners can help you in the area of Integral Performance Management as follows:

Ø             Set up Benefits Tracking: design and implementation of Benefits Tracking dashboards and processes for the purpose of Benefits Realisation Management

Ø             Innovating the Planning & Control cycle: simplifying budgeting and forecasting using operational value drivers and connecting these processes to Portfolio Management


Ø             Improving Management Information Supply: evaluating, defining and implementing management information needs


VBM Training
VBM Consultancy